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15 years ago

Codejock Xtreme DockingPane


Does anyone know the code to add Codejock Xtreme DockingPane plugin to MSAA open applications in Test Complete ?
Currently Test complete recognizes each click on an item in a docking pane as coordinates, hence i would like to know how to overcome this.

*There is a thread posted earlier on adding a plugin for Codejock Xtreme CommandBar to MSAA open applications and it works in        eliminating coordinates for each click on an item in a toolbar.



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  • Hi Divash,

    Try enabling the "*" element in the "Open Applications | MSAA" section of your project's properties. If this does not help, it means that the needed objects cannot be accessed via MSAA.

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    You should be able to determine the class name in the object spy. I have XTPDockBar( VB6 app using ActiveX). But the object model for these controls is busy.