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9 years ago

code completion for user-defined objects

We are writing test scipts in Jscript and we are implementing our objects in libraries that we access with  //USEUNIT.

The problem is everytime we instantiate a new object from the test we don't get code completion for that object.  Any help anyone could provide would be appreciated as the code completion functionality is very important to our development.

Here are snippets of what we are doing:


//------Library File

function SomeObject()


SomeObject.prototype.contructor = SomeObject();


SomeObject.prototype.open_control = function()


function open_control()
     //Do some stuff          We are leaving the seperately defined function around for legacy scripts that still use a       

                                        non-object oriented  approach.



And in the main file:

//-------Main File


//USEUNIT Library File


var MySomeObject = new LibraryFile.SomeObject();

MySomeObject.             <- expecting autocomplete to pop-up here





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    Hi John,


    Now, we have a special place in the Community where our users can submit their improvement ideas or vote for the ideas they like: TestComplete Feature Request Forum.

    Could you please submit this as a new idea in that new area and post a link in this thread, so everyone could vote?

    TestComplete’s PO monitors this forum on a regular basis, and uses this information for development planning.

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    I've got the same issue for my vbs script extensions.

    As a workaround, for each class method, I add to the module an empty method frame having the same name and parameters.

    So, I can type <Namespace>.<ModuleName with Code completion>.<Method Name with code completion> and then insert the object name.


    This is not so very beautiful, but it works


    Kind Regards