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6 months ago

Click doesn't work on Chrome popup

Hi all,

after Chrome update to 116 version faced with issue when TestComplete click doesn't work on Chrome popup.


1. Popup is called in my web application

2. It is necessary to click on the "Open *****" button using Click() action

Result: Button doesn't click.


I've tried to set focus or hover mouse on the button and then perform click. Also tried to do ClickM. Click doesn't work. But set focus and hover mouse work successfully.

Also I tried to get Enabled property for this button and if True then perform Click. Doesn't help.


There are to ways to workaround:

1. doing press Enter key on the button

2. trying do the second click on the button if the first click was failed.


But it's all about risk of missing bug in future.


Maybe someone has idea what can I do before clicking on the 'Open ****' button?



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