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9 years ago

Chrome v. 44...

So, my Chrome auto-updated (thanks Google...) and TestComplete doesn't seem to be able to handle it.  Is there a patch oncoming, or has anyone found a workaround (doubtful, but you never know).  Thanks!

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  • Do you have a copy of the offline installer for the last working version of Chrome?


    I always keep a copy of it for exactly this scenario. Uninstall Chrome, re-install and immediately do all the stuff thats supposed to stop auto-updates - but never does in the longer term. That usually buys me a day or three by which time a patch has hopefully appeared. Chrome always seems to find a way to auto-update eventually.


    It's incredibly annoying. Testing is all about control. Chrome does not allow you that.

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      >  Chrome always seems to find a way to auto-update eventually.

      I already mentioned this several times... What I used to do is to delete the 'Update' (or something with the name like that) folder in the Chrome root folder. So far this works for me: Chrome cries but stays on v.42 :)

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        I knew I had another solution I'd seen on here but hadn't tried.


        I found a registry mod but the keys mentioned in it didn't exist for me. Going to check my Chrome folders now!