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2 years ago

Chrome elements are not recognized when working on extended monitors

Hi, I am having problems working with chrome on the extended monitor.

Elements are not recognized. Just the entire window browser is marked. I can not record any valid test in this way.

Any clue about what is going on?



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    Chrome integration works in such a way that (after a fresh reboot), once a Process is run that interacts with Chrome, a connection is made with Chrome over port 31924. Even after that Process has completed, the connection to port 31924 will still be open and is not disposed of.


    When performing testing of a Process via Studio/stepping through via Debug mode, the Process is run via the local (private) Resource. As described above, the local Resource would initially open the connection, and that local Resource would then hold on to that connection. Employee Next Portal




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    I have a laptop, connected to two monitors using extended mode at resolution 1680 * 1050. TC works fine with Chrome and Edge at identifying objects and playback.


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      It worked fine for me with a similar configuration to what you described. But when my extended monitors were changed for another bigger one, it now selects the entire browser window, not the elements on the web page.

      I can't go back to the original monitors because they were disposed of.