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9 years ago

Cannot find any existing or open blank page in Firefox 40, Chrome 43 using Test Complete 11

Scripts were initially running in Firefox 40.0.3 using Test Complete 11.But after restaring the system , while running the script, error is getting displayed while launching the url "Cannot find any existing or open blank page."


Browser is getting closed and new browser is launched, but url is not getting opened.

This issue is common across Firefox 40.0.3, Chrome 43 and IE 9.


URL: Process ID: 3320 Process Command Line: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" Info: Cannot find any existing or open blank page. NameMapping.Sys.Process("firefox")


Thanks in Advance



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    Hi Tapamiti,


    Not sure if this helps, but check that browsers are not allowed to run in the background (i.e. when the browser process exists in the system but the browser itself is not visible).

    If the browser is allowed to run in the background, it does not contain Page element and this causes TestComplete to fail to navigate to the required address.

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      Thanks Alex for your comments.

      But I closed all the browsers from taskmanager process before running the scripts.


      The results is still the same ie, broser is launch but not launching the test url.




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        Hello Tapamiti,


        I am facing the same issue for browsers: chrome, firefox. Working fine with Internet explorer 8.

        The browser gets opened but it cannot navigate to any page further :(


        Did you got the solution?? Please reply as this is causing a great hurdel in my automation project.