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12 years ago

Can I apply SmartBear solutions to my problems?


I am in charge of implementing one (or more than one) mobile test automation solution in my company. My requirements:

- test mobile sites on real devices or iOS simulator via xCode (using Safari);

- test iOS native apps on real devices or iOS simulator;

- test Android native apps, again on real devices or simulators.

Can any of SmartBear solutions help me implementing it? Do you know any other solutions then I can use in one of this cases?


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    At the moment, you can evaluate the mobile site performance by using one of our products. Refer to this page for details.

    As for testing on mobile devices, this area is a strategic direction for us. We'd like to learn more about testing requirements pertinent for your specific application and needs. Could you please contact your account manager directly or via the Contact Us page for this?