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4 years ago

Can a License Server be installed on a VM (Virtual Machine)

Hi All


Question on installing the License server, current we have it on a physical machine and want to use a VM (Virtual Machine) is it possible?


Has anyone had success or any issues with floating licenses for TE / TC?









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    4 years ago

    I am in the process of doing this.


    I have my Hyper-V created my IT now and I have had them verify that the following:


    Main items from SmartBear for a Hyper-V solution:


    *The VM UUID (The machine cannot be cloned) -- No plans to clone (not an issue)

    *The MAC address (The network card cannot change)  Static in my Hyper-V session
    *CPU type (The VM cannot be moved and run on a different physical host)  Static in Hyper-V image/session


    I have retrieved the above values from IT for reference purposes.


    What I left right now is to finally deactivate my physical desktop License Manager

    and activate my Hyper-V License Manager.


    I almost there for the transplant operation 😷




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    Technically you can use a VM but it's not recommended.

    It should be a physical computer. We don’t recommend activating licenses on virtual or cloud machines. If you use them, you will need to ensure that their MAC address and CPU data don’t change after that machine restarts.


    I've always used floating licenses.  The software is fine.  The problem is the people using them who forget to log out when they are supposed to.  😂