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4 years ago

Can a License Server be installed on a VM (Virtual Machine)

Hi All   Question on installing the License server, current we have it on a physical machine and want to use a VM (Virtual Machine) is it possible?   Has anyone had success or any issues with flo...
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    4 years ago

    I am in the process of doing this.


    I have my Hyper-V created my IT now and I have had them verify that the following:


    Main items from SmartBear for a Hyper-V solution:


    *The VM UUID (The machine cannot be cloned) -- No plans to clone (not an issue)

    *The MAC address (The network card cannot change)  Static in my Hyper-V session
    *CPU type (The VM cannot be moved and run on a different physical host)  Static in Hyper-V image/session


    I have retrieved the above values from IT for reference purposes.


    What I left right now is to finally deactivate my physical desktop License Manager

    and activate my Hyper-V License Manager.


    I almost there for the transplant operation 😷