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13 years ago

[bug] "mapped name" and "fully qualified name" in the same project


My project ist generated with automatic mapping. Now I came to a place where I need the absolute addressing of an object because the mapping skips hierarchy-levels or something in that way and so I do not get to the desired object.

To determine the absolute addressing of the object I have started a fresh project and get the following value:

tdxDockControl :=

     Sys.Process = ('SlideShow')

     . MainForm.MainPanel

     . dxDockSite.Window ('TdxVertContainerDockSite', '*')

     . Window ('TdxHorizContainerDockSite', 'Toolbox, layout designers' Properties')

     . DP_20080221_115605253.PreviewWindowView.Window ('TdxDockControl','', 1);

(Code verifyed!)

This piece of code I pasted in my original project. The object is not found!!!

So it is not possible to use "absolute adressing of objects" within a project with "automated genereted mapped objects"

or what I am doing wrong?


Necip Sariali

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  • Hello,

    You can use fully-qualified names and mapped names in the same project. There should be another reason for that the error occurs. For possible reasons of the "Object not Found" errors, please see in the online documentation.

    As for mapping objects, you can do this manually and then use the mapped name for your object in your test. However, this may not prevent from the "Object not found" error.

  • Thank you, Margaret, I'm going to take a closer look...

    Happy Christmas!