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14 years ago

Application under test crashing only when run overnight

The title pretty much sums it up.

When my tests run overnight (scheduled with Task Scheduler), each time TestComplete opens the AUT, the application immediately crashes.  When I run an individual Routine, Test Item, or even Project manually from inside TestComplete the application opens fine, and the test runs as normal.

Any ideas what could be causing this problem?

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  • Hi Jonathan,

    This can be somehow related to the user account used to launch the scheduled test. Does it differ if you use the same account you use for your usual tests? Does the problem persist if you use the same account for scheduled tests?
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    I use the same account for recording, playback, and when using the Task Scheduler to playback the project suite overnight.

    Thanks for your reply,

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Please follow the steps below to help us investigate the problem:

    1. Download a free trial version of AQtime 7, which is our profiling tool, from our web site. The trial can be requested on the following page of our web site:

    2. Install the tool.

    3. In TestComplete, select the Profile run mode for the tested application in question.

    4. Click the ellipsis button in the Parameters column.

    5. In the Parameters dialog, set the Profiler option to Exception Trace Profiler. 

    6. Click OK to apply the changes. 

    7. Schedule your test execution as usual.

    8. After the test execution is completed and the problem is reproduced, open AQtime.

    9. Right-click somewhere within the Event View panel (it is opened by default at the bottom of AQtime's window) and select the 'Save All...' item. 

    10. Save the panel's contents to an HTML file and send me the file via our Contact Support form: 

    Thanks in advance.