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6 years ago

Appending code to an existing Script not working



My problem is (my expired) Trial and Purchased version of TestComplete seems to be working differently..

Although they are the same version: 12.60.5545.7


I would like to record/append script to an already existing function but it seems not possible.

In trial version I just clicked into one of my scripts line and Pressed 'Record Script' -> recorded and when I pressed 'Stop' it generated the code right below the already recorded code.

In the purchased version it will be generated into another function!!

I know I can copy-paste the new function's code into the existing one but it is really inconvenient....


It is really frustrating there was a good simple feature in the trial version which convinced us to purchase the product and afterwards it is being removed despite of being the exact same version as the trial version...


I found that the 'Always start a new script' checkbox has been removed in 10.3. But the funny thing is, the trial version functioned like it would be still there 2 months ago.. (In today's trial version it's also missing...)


Im not sure anyone had a workaround to this problem, but maybe some has a suggestion.

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    6 years ago

    If anyone had the same issue, the offical response is the following:

    "This functionality was removed in one of the previous releases.
    Good news is that it should be returned in our next release that is planned for January."


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