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3 years ago

ReadyAPI 3.20.1 Can not Save/Save as

Have had a lot of different version installed but with the latest 3.20.1 after a wail (1 or 2 days) then save stop working and i have to uninstall and install again.

I was thinking can there be some left overs from any previous installation?


How do i completely uninstall ReadyAPI?


Maby it was a glich in 3.20.1 and that it is solved in 3.20.12

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    Hey sunulf,

    When you say its not saving, can you clarify exactly what youre doing when you try and save.

    There was an issue a while back where saving was a bit problematic and if you saved a change without clicking out of the altered object before trying to save, the change wouldnt be saved.

    You mention v3.20.12.....i didnt even know there was a 3.20.12. I moved from 3.20.0 to 3.20.2 with no problems saving.

    Do you install to the existing ReadyAPI directory in 'Program Files' when upgrading? I always install to a new program files directory (so i dont update the existing)


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      Yesterday it work, today when i open it it is same problem. I can not do save all/save as/import a project/save preference.