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4 years ago

Cannot save anything in ReadyAPI?

Whenever I try to save my ReadyAPI project, I suddenly started getting this vague error -
Failed to Save Project, The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect. Here is a sample of the messages I see in ready-api.logs file. Why did this start happening suddenly and how to I prevent such issues from happening?

- ReadyAPI 3.0.0. Cannot upgrade it now.
- Windows 10 64bit.


[a timestamp] INFO [ClassicCompositeProjectHandler] Interface operation [a test step] not changed so not saved.
[a timestamp] INFO [ClassicCompositeProjectHandler] C:\some path\element.order is write-protected. It has not been saved.
[a timestamp] ERROR [ClassicCompositeProjectHandler] Can not write file [ write protected ] C:\some project\TeamCityService\BuildQueue.xml



  • I had to re download all project files and then load them into ReadyAPI. Things started working after that. So, I don't know why this problem occurred.

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    Hey ,

    Are there any special characters or spaces im the full path to the file?

    Are there any special chars, especially illegal xml chars (e.g. chars that need escaping like the 5 xml entities) in any of the object names in your projects hierarchy?

    Id double check and make sure there are none. It was quite a while ago but i had problem with paths in readyapi and once i removed dodgy chars/spaces my issue was resolved.


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      I'll look into it. I wish ReadyAPI could give me better error messages so that I can figure out issues easily.

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        Thank you for your advice Richie!


        Hi rajs2020! Did you manage to solve this?