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13 years ago

Reports Page

The HTML version of the Reports page contains the following sections:





Section 1, 2 and 3 are valuable when creating a report, however when the "Link" button is clicked and a book mark can be created, many times there value is extremely diminished.  Unfortunately, these sections do not collapse, and the page need to be scrolled down to get to the meat of the report (the results section).  Yes, I am aware that you can use the "#" bookmark in the URL to bring the results to the top of the page, however if the returned results are not long enough to fill the page, the top of the page still has some subset of Options/Filters/Columns.

Is it possible to collapse the Columns, Filters, and Options section of the reports page?  The "Print" view provides for the absense of these sections, however there are no direct links to reviews, removing the interactivity of the page (as expected).

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