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5 months ago

BrowserWindow is available but Page is not

When i look at my credentials page in the Object Browser under the Browser("chrome") i can see two children. the first is Page(<url>) and the second is BrowserWindow(0). as you can see in the image posted below, BrowserWindow(0) is enabled but Page (for some reason) appears to be disabled and that is where the elements that i need to interact with are located. i can find them using the FindChild method and write their property values to the log but it won't let me perform any actions on or to them. it returns an error with the message "The tested window (or control) has been deleted". Anyone have any ideas what might be wrong here. and yes, i do have the smartbear extension installed.



  • That's weird, I wonder if it's an issue with the latest version of TC!?


    Are you able to install TC v15.55.53.7?

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