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2 years ago

Test Issue Type



A couple of years ago, we used "Zephyr for Jira Cloud".  I was the admin, but did not configure it initially.  It seems like there was a special Jira Issue Type that was installed along with Zephyr: "Test".


I just added Zephyr Scale to our new Jira instance, and I do not see this "Test" issue type in the Jira settings (not Project settings).  Is it safe to assume that it no longer exist, because now you can enable Zephyr on any Jira issue type?  Or am I missing something?


I watched this YT video published by SmartBear, and it does show the Test issue type at 1:43 (or please see attached screenshot): Zephyr Scale - In-depth Jira Cloud Walkthrough - YouTube


Thanks in advance for your input!


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    Thanks for your reply, MisterB!  


    So I uninstalled Zephyr Scale, and installed Zephyr Squad, and I can now see the "Test" issue type in Jira, if anyone else is wondering.

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    In Zephyr project settings I notice that the issue types available to me are the issue types that have been assigned to my project.  So my guess is that you're right: you can link Zephyr to any issue type but it looks like that issue type must be associated to your project.