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4 years ago

Test Issue Type

I'm trying to retrieve all tests from a Jira project. I tried retrieving the tests using the Jira API but I encountered a problem where the Jira API always returns ALL 9000 tests even if I set the max number of returned items to 200. However, the issue doesn't happen when I try to retrieve other issue types (epic, bugs, etc.). My questions are...


  1. Is the Jira API the right api to retrieve Tests? Or do I need to use ZAPI?
  2. Is there a setting where you can set the maximum number of returned tests for paging?
  3. If I need to use ZAPI, then what endpoint do I need to use? I don't see any endpoint I could use.


Chev Balcora

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    Hi kbalcora ,


    You can use the api listed for the ZAPI from the below link.


    Please note that zapi is completely free and you are just a request away to validate if zapi is installed and the apis are working as expected.


    Please note that for the recent versions of zapi it is not necessary to have zapi installed as the end points are already exposed.




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      We already use ZAPI to retrieve the test executions. In fact we have another topic asking about test executions.


      So our questions are

      1. We used the Jira API to retrieve Tests (not Test Executions) and it returned ALL Tests even if we provided the maxRecords parameter which should have paged the results. Paging works when you try to retrieve all the other Jira types.
      2. Is there a system setting, outside of the api, where you can set the default maximum number of items returned by the API?