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3 years ago

Test Case Key Values

Is there a way to reset the Test Case Key ID to start from 1. . IE if the programme changes significantly in the design / planning stage and the test approach could do with some adaptation. Would it be possible to export to csv . do the appropriate changes a, delete existing structure then reimport from CSV but set the key to start from 1 rather than take on the last used number before deletion? 

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    I can't remember seeing this option and if not, the API route might I mentioned in another of your posts a few seconds ago could at least help create dummy test cases to 'reset' to a new starting number - then you would just archive all test cases created before to sort of start with a clean sheet.


    Alternatively, and I probably should have suggested this first, contact the SmartBear support team and they may be able to help with a script or run a script to reset your start number:

    Support Portal