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3 years ago

How to Delete a version

Hi all!

How can i delete a version of a test case?

My v2 has been updated with most recent data, so now v3 is obsolete and I want to delete it.


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      Thanks Josh.


      is there any workaround you can suggest? For example a way to bring the steps from v2 to v3

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        None that I know of. The API doesn't let you select specific versions, either, as far as I know. So, I think you're stuck with waiting for SmartBear to do something about it.

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    Hi ruggerobonora! Thank you for your question.

    I'm afraid we currently don't support deleting a test case version. You can only create new ones. Ideally, versions that are not the latest should not be updated and I think we do not enforce this in the app. 

    You can also vote on the issue josh42 mentioned, in our Ideas Portal.

    Meanwhile, maybe we can work around this.

    Are you using Jira Server or Jira Cloud? What fields have been updated in version 2 that are outdated in version 3?