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2 years ago

Archiving Test Cycles



I may not understand exactly how to use the test cycles. We built a test cycle with all the regression test cases in the 1.5 version of our product. It's named "v1.5 Regression Tests". We ran the tests, fixed the bugs, etc till all the test cases passed, then marked the test cycle as Done. We then released the 1.5 build to production.  Now, the test cycle remains on our Test Cycle board forever. As we build and complete more test cycles, the test cycles board will fill up with Done cycles making the working cycles more difficult to find. I know there is filtering, but it seems like there should be a way to archive the cycles like we can with Test cases. How does Zephyr want us to handle the Done cycles? 


Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! 


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    It's an interesting question.  I think the ability to create a folder structure for test cycles somewhat resolves this issue and if it were me, I would create another Test Cycle folder called "Archives" (you might want to copy your exact folder structure and then once a cycle is closed, drag it into the Archived folder structure, negating the need to use filtering.