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12 years ago

Your support ticket page appears to be broken!


I'm trying to raise a support ticket on:

I have completed all the fields, including "Customer ID" but I keep gettign the error message "The request cannot be submitted due to the following reasons: Field 'Customer ID' cannot be empty!"

It isn't!!!

So I can't raise a ticket.

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    Hi Colin,

    I've just tried - everything works OK.

    If this behavior still persists on your computer I suggest the following :

    1. Fill in the fields on the page and click Proceed to reproduce the error.

    2. Make a screenshot of the form.

    3. Click the Cant' remember link next to the CustomerID field - this will allow you to send the support case without specifying your CustomerID.

    4. Attach the screenshot to the message and describe the issue.

    5. Submit the case.

  • Thanks Tanya.

    I'd also contacted the sales guy I deal with and he informs that the user ID I was entering is incorrect. (I took it from the sale invoice for TestComplete)

    He supplied me with the correct number and it submitted OK.

    So yeah, it works, but the error message could be better I think. The field was populated, not empty, so a message more like "We don't recognise this user ID..." would maybe be more helpful?
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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    I agree with that the error text should be more informative. We will think what can be changed.