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7 years ago

version 12.3 useunit links broken

I am testing out the 12.3 version of TestComplete (12.30.1651.7) and noticed that the USEUNIT file links are broken.


In previous versions, you can click context menu/go to declaration or ctrl+click to open the linked file.


This appears to be non-functional now in 12.3 running on a windows 7 sp1 machine.


Anyone else notice this?




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    7 years ago

    I have created an earlier post about it a while ago.

    Turns out they have disabled this feature on purpose. It's not a bug, but working as intended now.


    This was their response on this issue:


    "Our developers have decided to treat the ability to go to the declaration of a function in a comment as a bug. They've removed this feature with the reasoning that the code editor will behave as the Visual Studio editor does. Visual Studio does not allow going to the declaration of a function within a comment and so, our code editor will behave the same way.


    I do agree with you however that this functionality should remain. A workaround would be to create a dummy function at the top that has all of your functions in it with a blank return statement as the first line.


    I'm sorry I couldn't get this feature added back in."

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    Yes, this is actually something someone else noted in 12.30.  Basically, because USEUNIT sections of JScript/JavaScript are masked in "comment" markers (/), this "turns off" that CTRL-CLICK to get to the actual file.  Anything that is commented out no longer has that ability to go to the declaration of a file or method in a file.


    I'm not sure if anything has progressed with that but it has been noted.

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        i think it is worth noting that we are currently running testcomplete 12.0 and this useunit file link go to declaration feature works fine in vbscript, javascript and python projects.


        is there a bug or feature enhancement ticket open for this in 12.3?


        it is not a huge problem, but it is a helpful feature.