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3 years ago

Supported Java versions

Hi, I am installing a new Collaborator server. Server OS is Microsoft Windows 2019. I checked Compatibility Matrix and I started to wonder is Oracle Java 11 the latest Java which can be used for Collaborator server ? Ver.11 is pretty old at these days.

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  • Collaborator is a Java-based application built on an Apache Tomcat server. The Java Compatibility Matrix provides the information for the version of Java used to build the various versions of Collaborator, and SmartBear's recommendation for the version to use for a given installation. Newer versions of Java can be used for Collaborator, provided the Java provider has not deprecated any of the functionality used in Collaborator. I am running two of my servers on different versions of Java. One of my servers is running on Oracle's OpenJDK 11 as shown here:


    While another of my Collaborator servers is running on the latest version available from Oracle, which is Version 8 build 321:


    The choice of Java is up to the installer, but as you can see from the Java Compatibility Matrix newer versions of Java may "outrun" older builds of Collaborator and no longer support required functionality. Testing in a development environment is always a good idea!