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7 years ago

Can ReadyAPI! (SoapUI) support old versions of Java?



I've posted another question regarding setting up a JDBC connection within SoapUI for a MIMER DB.

The MIMER database version's JDBC driver requires JDK v1.2


I am getting a 'failed to initialise connection' failure when I test the DB connection I've setup.


I've confirmed the .jar file (driver file) I'm using works with other applications - so there's nothing wrong with the .jar file, nor the driver file name, nor the JDBC connection string I'm using.


I noticed in the 'Tools' Preference there is a line with the label 'JDK 1.5 javac'


I am wondering if ReadyAPI! v2.1.0 actually supports JDK v1.2 or whether the label in the 'Tools' preference indicates that JDK v1.5 or greater is that v1.2 isn't actually supported by ReadyAPI! v2.1.0???







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