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6 years ago

Silent installation of ccollab_client_11_3_11301 over a previous 11_0_11000 version failed



1. I have successfully installed  ccollab_client_11_0_11000_windows_x64.exe 

in the "D:\Tools\Collaborator Client" folder


2.  Then when I run the upgrade command below:


ccollab_client_11_3_11301_windows_x64.exe -overwrite -q -console -dir "D:\Tools\Collaborator Client"


in the console window I have these messages:


The installation directory has been set to D:\Tools\Collaborator Client.

Shutting down Review Tray Notifier

Removing previous version

Removing defunct jars

ERROR: Could not delete defunct jar file 'D:\Tools\Collaborator Client\lib\collab-cmdline-11.0.11000.jar'

ERROR: Could not delete defunct jar file 'D:\Tools\Collaborator Client\lib\collab-code-analysis-11.0.11000.jar'

The application is running. Please close all instances and run this installer again.

Rolling back changes ...


Question: Where is the log file generated by the upgrade command ?



I have found  the log file in C:\Users\MateiA05\AppData\Local\Temp\i4j_nlog_2.log

I am attaching it, but it doesn't specify any error details

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