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13 years ago

Problem to work with CodeCollaborator

Hello Everyone

I have problem to work with sub-versing code review in CodeCollaborator Server side  can u provide me help to integrate it directly .I want directly working with SVN without checkout and its work like as now its work on simple file.


And also i have validation problem in sub-versing integration in  Client GUI.

Error: Could not create valid Subversion configuration based on configured repository url: plink: unknown option "--username"


if possible so provide me help for subversing integration in CodeCollaborator  server side subversibng evaluation

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  • Mahendra,

    Do you have Subversion set up and working from the CodeCollaborator server?

    Do you have the CodeCollaborator Command Line client running?

    You can refer to our manual here for how to configure the Command Line client:

    The following command will validate your server connection and SCM configuration:

    ccollab info

    This command will also test your connection:

    ccollab --scm svn info

    Verify these things are connected and running and then get back to us with any further questions you may have.

    Thank you,
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    Hi Nancy,

    I am using CodeCollaborator Server and SVN for subversion. According to provided guideline i have configured my subversion to work with it. But my problem is that its doesn't mark any defected line or code and also doesn't show defected line no, and also have problem to attach change checked list, not found code commit link and some others is their any problem to work with trial version because currently  i am using trial. If u suggested me right thing or guideline so help me.

  • Mahendra,

    Will you please email us at

    It would help if we could see some of your debug logs.

    If you are using the Collaborator Command Line Client, create a debug log by running with the --debug option as the first argument,

     i.e., "ccollab --debug ...".

    This creates a ccollab.log file in the current directory.

    If you are using the GUI client, create a debug log by selecting

    Help/Capture Debugging Log,

     reproduce the issue, then save the log file.

    Attach the ccollab.log file when you email us.