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12 years ago

ISSUE -> When rework is done and new change set is uploaded to a review the previous uploaded files (with modifications) cannot be accessed anymore.


OS: Linux

RSARTE ver 8.5.1. based on Eclipse platform

CColab server/plugin ver, v7.3.7303


When rework is done and new change set is uploaded to a review the previous uploaded files (with modifications) cannot be accessed anymore using ccolab plugin from RSARTE.

If there are multiple reviewers and one starts to take a look on review after rework was done cannot understanding what happened before. (quite a problem I would say)



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  • Hello,

    You can select the previous versions from the drop downs at the top of the compare editor. By default the most recent version is displayed on one of the sides, but you can select any two versions to compare, not necessarily the most recent one.

    What SCM are you using? I would like to investigate to check it is not an error related to the SCM you use.


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    I'm using ClearCase version 7.1.2.*

    I've a attached a printscreen with my IDE.
  • Could you please send an email with a Review dump of the review where you got the error?

    I have been trying to reproduce the problem, but have not been able to. I would need a Review dump in order to continue testing.

    Please include the case number 71975 on your email, so we can associate it with this case.

    To create a debugging dump of the review, open the review in question, then go to the "System" link at the bottom of the page (depending on administrative settings, you may have to be an administrator to do this).

    In the "Server Backup/Debugging Dump" section, select the following settings:

    "Server Logs" => "Include Server Logs"

    "File Contents" => "Include all file content"

    "Which Data" => "Complete database dump"

    "Restrict to One Review" => "Only data from Review ID xxxx"

    Then click on the "Download Dump File" button.

    DO NOT attach the dump if you reply on this forum; please send it via email to, as it may contain sensitive information.

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    I don't think you got me right.

    There is no error when trying to see a previous version of a certain file from the webserver page with an internet browser.

    This is working correctly but the code is unreadable (because we are using RSARTE and efx files which have UML  format are not displayed well in the web interface). See attached.

    That's why we are using the smart bear ccolab plugin for RSARTE IDE (v7.3.7303).

    And now comes the problem: I don't have a possibility like in web interface to select a previous version of an uploaded file.

    You don't need logs for this, right?
  • I need the logs to check if there are exceptions or errors on the plug-in code that prevent you to see previous versions.

    It would also help if we could see your Eclipse log and configuration details. To get this information, go to "Help" -> "About ..." -> "Installation Details" -> "Configuration" tab.

    Select all of the text in the "Configuration Details" box and save it in a file.

    Then click "View Error log" and save that information in a file as well. 
    Please send that information on the email to

    Have you tried opening the review on another Eclipse client? Perhaps you could try installing the Code Collaborator plug-in on a simple Eclipse client and opening the file. This would be helpful in order to know if the problem is related to RSARTE or the type of file you are comparing.

    Do you have this problem when you open other types of files?

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    Found a way to do this after all.

    "Text compare" view has to be selected in order to have access to version combobox .

  • I am glad to hear you found that workaround. It may be possible the Binary compare viewer was selected by default, and prevented you from selecting a version. This solution will prove useful if the problem arises again.