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4 years ago

install script varfile for automated install



Does anyone know the format for the `varfile` flag when installing Collaborator?  is this key/value?  what are the keys and accepted values?  Is there a sample file ?  We are using linux.

If we pass -q the install proceeds and does a default local install, however we are looking to automate this end to end.  

$ sudo ./ -h
Starting Installer ...
The following command line options are available:

-varfile [file]  Use a response file
-c               Run in console mode
-q               Run in unattended mode
-dir [directory] In unattended mode, set the installation directory
-overwrite       In unattended mode, overwrite all files
-splash [title]  In unattended mode, show a progress window
-Dname=value     Set system properties
-h               Show this help

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    Unfortunately, the configuration syntax for the response.varfile is not documented. However, the response.varfile file is created in the <Installation directory>/.install4j folder when you install Collaborator. Thus, you can install Collaborator and specify the ports, database, etc. on one machine manually, and once it is installed, copy the configuration options from the newly created response.varfile and use them in the script.