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6 years ago

How to install a bundled JRE with Collaborator Client 11_3_11301 ?



I can successfully install the setup ccollab_client_11_3_11301_windows_x64.exe on my computer


Can I install a bundled JRE at installation time  in the folder below
"C:\Program Files\Collaborator Client"  ?


Thank you !

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi mateiacd 


    If the installer can't find any existing Java environment or an existing Java does not meet the Collaborator requirements, Collaborator will use the bundled version of Java automatically and install it to C:\Program Files\Collaborator Client\jre.

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      How can I force the installation of  a Java JRE in this folder C:\Program Files\Collaborator Client\jre ?

      After the installation, by default, there isn't any (see the image below)