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13 years ago

How install the code collaborator RTC 3.0.1 plug-in


Where we should install / unzip the Code collaborator files in RTC 3.0.1.

In the documentation stays that we must Unzip the update site to $JAZZ_ROOT/ccollab-update-site

We using the Rational Team Concert version 3.0.1, but the $Jazz_Root path is changed/renamed in this version.

Can you tell us in which directory we should unzip the add-in?

When we copy the com.smartbear.ccollab-profile.ini file in the  $JAZZ_ROOT/server/conf/ccm/provision_profiles directory, and we open this file in a editor we find the following instruction:

url=file:../../ccollab-update-sitefeatureid=com.smartbear.collaborator.rtc.process.feature (on 1 line).

Should this instruction not separated in 2 lines like:



If we do this and we restart the RTC server, than we can rename the directory "ccollab-update-site".

This mains that RTC has not found the "code collaboration" plug-in.

How we can resolve this issue?

See manual

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    I asked the same question from support.

    JAZZ_ROOT is the installation dir of the JazzTeam Server. We installed a suite of JAZZ tools under /opt/IBM.  JAZZROOT in our case was


    As for the com.smartbear.ccollab-profile.ini - according to support the path is not relative to the provision_profiles directory. They believe its relative to $JAZZ_ROOT/server/conf.

    For the server reset in - Request the server reset from the 'ccm' app (aka RTC) not JTS Admin.