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10 years ago

Fail to send e-mails

I am configuring the Email settings of the server. I have a few questions:

1. I see that I can configure the user and password of the smtp account but the documentation says "If your email server is Exchange you will need to get your Exchange administrator to enable anonymous SMTP." Is this still accurate with version 9.1.9100? I am using Exchange so I would need to enabled anonymous SMTP?


2. I am trying to send a test email and I keep getting: "Error: Error sending email: Could not connect to SMTP host". I tried it with my Exchange server but I also tried it with and SMTP servers and I experience the same issue. I changed the log settings to debug but I don't have more information on this error from the log.


Anyone experienced this issue? What settings do you use if you are using an internal Exchange server? Or gmail or hotmail servers?


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    I had the wrong settings for gmail so I got it work. I still have question 1 though.

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        Hello Ergates,


        Please try to change the SMTP port to "587" and check how this works?