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9 years ago

error message when installing AQTime 8.40 on WIndows 7 x64 bit about unsigned driver



When installing the newest release of AQTime on a WIndows 7 x64 PC I received this popup error message at the end of the installation that it tried to install an Unsigned driver and Windows would not accept this.  I was installing over the top of the previous release of AQTime 8.24



  • For future refrence, I was able to figure out what patch was missing from my system to get the digitally signed drivers to pass.  I was missing Security Update KB3033929.  For the less fortunate people out there that have their Windows Update run by an IT department.

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  • that 'Windows requires a digitally signed driver' issue was replicated in our lab, only when the Windows OS is 'not' up-to-date.  


    AQtime's driver are signed.  


    Before you install AQtime Pro, you should make sure that the following requirements are met:


    1. the Windows Operating System is up-to-date.


    2. your user account has the necessary permissions:  You are logged in as admin or member of the admin group.


    See the AQtime Installation Guide for all the system requirements, important considerations and instructions for installing and maintaining AQtime Pro:


    * SmartBear technical reps are always ready to further help.  Don't hesitate to contact the SmartBear Support team to get further assistance.