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testcomplete running really slow

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testcomplete running really slow


I frequently come across this issue where I notice that testcomplete is all of the sudden running incredibly slow when populating text fields with text.  The method for populating the text fields is Sys.Keys().  I notice this on both XP and Vista 32 bit (haven't tried it on other os's).  When I check performance I notice that the page faults are through the roof with alot of I/O reads.  This is occuring on TestComplete 7.5 .  I really slows testing down and is very inconvenient.



Hi Paul,

The issue has already been discussed in another forum thread you started:

We got additional information from Sean Gay, and currently, we are investigating the situation. We would appreciate it a lot if you contacted us via our web form and provided us with the information we requested in the forum thread mentioned above.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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