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"window does not respond" with dialog popup

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"window does not respond" with dialog popup

I am testing a windows app with testcomplete, and I am trying to enter invalid values into a field.  The expected behavior is to receive a dialog box alerting the user the value they have entered is invalid.

So I have the script inputing value, checkpoint on the popup text to verify its what's expected, then move on.

the program is checking the value in the box in realtime, so if the valid range is 0-99, and you try to enter "888", as soon as you press the third 8, the popup occurs telling you invalid. when you click ok, the focus returns to where you were with your "888" highlighted in the text box ready to be changed.

The problem is I am getting a "window does not respond" every time this happens due to the popup taking focus away, i guess, before the: edit["wText"] = "888"; can know that it's  finished.

How can I avoid this.  This tool allows the user to enter values for 100's of different fields and I need to verify for each field that all within range don't generate a popup and are accepted, and that all out of range generate the popup and do not allow entry.

i'm using TC 7.52

Hi Bill,

See our reply in the following SQAForums thread that seems to have been started by you:

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