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4 years ago

TC can't find "Save as type" object of SaveAs dialog of Windows 10 Word document

I recorded a Keyword Test that generated a Windows 10 Word doc, then saving it in a plain text format by using File->SaveAs. In SaveAs dialog, I entered a filename in “File name” dropbox, and picked “Plain Text (.txt)” option in “Save as type” dropbox. However TestComplete couldn’t find the “Save as type” object when I ran the Keyword Test. I noticed that TestComplete mapped “Save as type” object to Window.ComboBox.ClickItem(“Plain Text (*.txt)”) instead of Aliases.WINDWORD.dlgSaveAs.DUIViewWndClassName…


I did the same recording for Windows 7 and it worked great.


Any helps are appreciated. Thanks

  • Yes, it's part of an app's result. Anway, i found a different way that avoid modifying that field by using Export feature of Windows 10 Word. Thanks!

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        I remember having a hard time with dialog boxes in Windows a long time ago, but I don't remember off hand what we did to resolve it.  I'll see if I can come up with something.


        Let me ask you this - why are you testing the Word app?  Is this document part of another test?  Perhaps there's another way to do this.