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project cannot be run, because there are no enabled test items that can be run.


project cannot be run, because there are no enabled test items that can be run.

Hi everyone,

I have a TestComplete project with several test items, some f them are selected  in the Test Items page of the project editor (especially the top item is, and some directly below). 

If I right-click the project in the Project Explorer and click "run myProject [Project]", the tests run as desired.


In Visual Studio, when I add a "TestComplete 12 test" item and select the project suite containing the project (.pjs file) or the project itself (mds file), the tree structure appears as in the Test Items view, with the same items selected.


However, a test run will fail, saying that the "project cannot be run, because there are no enabled test items that can be run. ".


Strange thing is that all is perfectly fine for other projects in the same project suite.


Thanks in advance,


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A test item cannot be run if there is no active desktop on the machine on which it is targeted to run.  Please double check to make sure that when you configure your tests to run via Visual Studio that the agent on which they are triggered to run have 1) an active logged in session with 2) an available active desktop.

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If your test items are organized as folders, make sure that folders' checkboxes are checked

Thanks both of you.


All folders' and test items' checkboxes are checked, in TestComplete and in Visual Studio.


As Visual Studio is perfectly able to run tests from projects within same project suite, the session and active desktop issue does not seem the be the problem.

I wonder if there is a project-specific TC setting, as even if I clone the project and import it into other project suites, VS gives me the same message.

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