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password reset


password reset

I have to reinstall TestExecute on my server but it said the license was already being used. I realized that it was installed on my laptop so I uninstalled it and accidently disabled the license. I got a new license but when I try to run a command for TestExecute to run, it asks me to log in to TestExecute with my SmartBear account. I enter my username and password and it tells me Failed to Log In - invalid credentials. I just reset my password. I close TestExecute and try again. Same thing. Why does it not recognize my new password?

Hi @UConnAnnMarie - 


It seems like there may be some confusion here with the two types of licenses we offer. Are you aware of if you are using a Key-Based License or the SLM licensing?


The reason I ask is because SLM uses a username and password to log in - but this is separate from your MySmartbear account information. 


I think the solution would be to try choosing "Activate License Key" in TestExecute.


Please let me know if this leads to further questions. 


You can find information on the two license types here:





This didn't work. I am on this is a log in screen. I enter my email, customer number, and password and it still says 'information invalid. please try again.'

I also tried going into Licensing Portal. Same thing. Invalid credentials.

Hi @UConnAnnMarie - 


That is the website to access your license key - do you have the new key yet? Or are you looking to log into that site to get the key. 


If you have your new key - the approach to enter the key would be through this option:





Where is this navigator list?



If you right click on TestExecute icon in the task bar you will see this menu. 


What happens when you launch the TestExecute executable?



I am able to start TestExecute but when I try to run a command it gives me a box that says Log in to TestExecute with your SmartBear account. I enter my email, then my password and it says it's invalid. i'm running this on Chrome from a server. when I right click on the TE icon it doesn't give me that list. it shows the last project I accessed, Pin to task bar, and Close Window. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

@UConnAnnMarie - 


What actions are you taking to run a command?

from RUN I am entering \\nsoepicfs1\STRUCTURE\QA\Smartbear Implementation\Projects\CREATE_AND_REGISTER.pjs /r /p:ESDESK /t:A_LOGINesdesk
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