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iOS testing - Testing on safari

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iOS testing - Testing on safari



We have a mobile browser experiences of our website and I need to test that on safari on iPhone. When i connect my iPhone and click on Show mobile screen, it says "Device is not running an application that was prepared for testcomoplete". My question 

1. Do we need to prepare safari too, to test via testcomplete

2. If yes, are the steps same as for any other app 

3. If not is there a documentation i can use



TestComplete : 12.5

iPhone : 6s

iOS : 11

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You can't test against safari directly as you can't instrument that app, it's part of the OS provided by Apple.


So you really have two options:




Both should be fine from an automation standpoint, as you're testing how the page render against a specific rendering engine and responsive size point, not the browsers itself. 


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The first solution works perfectly. There is just one more question. If i change the iOS device from say 6s to 8, do i have to updated the testing app again?

I would just try it and see if it works.  If not, then try updating again.  If that doesn't work, let us know.

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I tired and updating phone is really simple. Here are the steps

1. Connect the new phone 

2. Open Testcomplete project and goto Testedapps

3. Right click on the Smartbear browser for iOS app and hit Run selected. This will install SmartBearBrowser on the phone.

4. Goto your phone Settings > General > Device management.

5. Click on the Smartbear certificate and click trust

You are good to go.

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