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ejecutar diferentes robots en una ejecución/ run different robots in one run


ejecutar diferentes robots en una ejecución/ run different robots in one run

Hola,soy nuevo en la aplicación y quería saber como ejecutar múltiples robots de una sola ves para cargar de procesos mi aplicación de escritorio para medir consumos de memoria.

Quedo atento a sus comentarios.


Hello, I am new to the application and wanted to know how to run multiple robots at once to process load my desktop application to measure memory consumption.

Stay tuned to your comments.

Thank you.
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It's not possible to do true load testing of desktop application with TestComplete.

But you can launch several instances of your application by script.


For load test you should use dedicated tools, sadly Smartbear doesn't have one for desktop application (LoadNinja is for web only).



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AQtime is a profiler that can help


Out of curiosity: desktop application is the application that runs on your desktop. You, as a user, can interact with one application only at the moment. Word, for example, cannot be used concurrently. What are your expectations as for the load testing of the desktop application?


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Thank you Community!


@Axelkim001 , looks like Alex is right - AQTime is the right tools for measuring memory consumption of desktop apps. I'll mark his answer as a solution for now.

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