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XMLCheckpoints lack the flexibility we need. Is XPath available in Desktop (not Web!)?


XMLCheckpoints lack the flexibility we need. Is XPath available in Desktop (not Web!)?

We have a Desktop application system that passes XML messages between components.  Thus far, we have found the XMLCheckpoint mechanism to be useful some of the time, but many times it is not.  Is there an XPath capability for Desktop that is accessible through JavaScript?

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You could also instantiate the MSXML.DOMDocument object built into Windows and build your own parser/comparison.  That's what I would recommend doing.

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Hi @clay,


Refer to the following article - it contains great examples of how you can work with XML from script. You will need to call the selectNodes function with the desired XPath expression.

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Thank you, tristaanogre.  I was starting to look at that as an option.  Yours and Tanya's replies should get me started.

Thanks, Tanya.  This should suffice for what we are doing.  I wonder if it would be possible to incorporate XPath queries directly into XMLCheckpoints?  That would be a good thing 🙂

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