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6 years ago

XMLCheckpoint Element Editor on Large Files

Hi Guys! I'm new to testcomplete, so please bear with me on this one.


I have about 20 XMLs I need to compare in different versions on my software, but there are multiple changes in the nodes across the board. So far I've been able to use the XMLCheckpoint Element Editor, but it becomes a paint to search 20 faulty nodes in a file that has about 7000 nodes in it.


I also need to be a little picky about what I'm excluding from the searches, so I can't exclude large chunks or update all the checkpoint and be done with it.


Has anyone been in this situation and found a way to maybe programatically exclude nodes or finding them in an easier way within the XMLCheckpoint Element Editor?


I see a *.tcXmlCheckpoint but I don't think it has the information I need.

On the other hand, in that same folder I see an XML, deleting the node from there will exclude it from the test? Is it recommended?


I know its a loaded question but I'm trying to be as specific as possible, any help is appreciated. Hope everyone has a nice day.



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    This might be what you're looking for.


    Basically, you edit your checkpoint to be the sub-tree that you want to check in your actual file and do the comparison that way rather than compare the whole file.   Depending upon the organization of your file, you may need to create multiple checkpoints for each sub-tree you want to compare... but this might be your solution.

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      Thanks Robert, I'll have to talk with my lead about segregating and separating the xmls so we don't do a full comparison where it's not needed, sorry for the late response.


      Have a nice day!