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VCL Objects detected as Window objects

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VCL Objects detected as Window objects

I found some old posts about VCL Objects detected as Window objects in TestComplete but they are from old versions of TC (like 10).  I'm using 15.45

The tested applications are compiled using C++ Builder.


The problem is, when I start my application, TC sees all application's objects as Windows objects



This is not really handful when I want to add new tests and the windows aren't detected correctly.


But the test is defined to find VCL objects using "FindEx", "Find" and "FindAll" methods.  So as soon as I run at least one defined test and it needs to find a VCLObject, the magic happens, now all objects are seen as VCL ones.



Even if I let both TC and app opened for a while or even refreshing the Object Browser, it didn't change anything


What could be the root cause this detection issue?  I can workaround it like described here but if I can get rid of this, it would be great.



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I am also encountering this issue. Dont know why its hapenning.

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Take a look at the requirements for C++ Builder here and make sure you have implemented everything.

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