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VB6 to .NET Conversion

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VB6 to .NET Conversion

Just a general question, has anyone had experience using TestComplete on a VB6 application, then upgrading the app to .NET (using conversion in Visual Studio) and then using TestComplete after? 

Does it work without modification?

Is there anything to be concerned about, such as control id's or anything like that?

Just trying to get a feel for experiences from other users.



Hi Steve,

After such a conversion, you'll have to considerably modify your tests. TestComplete uses different wrappers to work with objects in VB and .NET applications: VBObject for VB and WinFormsObject for .NET. Plus, you'll probably need to use different approaches to work with some controls in the .NET version of your application. If you use any native properties and methods to work with controls in the VB version of your AUT, be ready to start using different ones in the .NET version.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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