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11 years ago

VB6 crashing more with TestExecute 9.30

When using TestExecute 9.30 - I noticed our software in vb6 keeps crashing now whenever  it clicks on an object in a datalist (clicking on the object will take you to the next page relevent to the line you clicked on).

This does not occur on TestExecute 9.20 (I proved this by keeping a copy of the test suite from when I was using 9.20)...  On TestExecute - using the same tests where TestComplete 9.30 accessed them - would cause the same crashes, but when using the copy test suite that only TestComplete 9.20 has touched - no crashes occur

In the spot where the crashes occur - this does not happen on TestComplete 9.30 - only TestExecute 9.30 - but seems to be specific to something TC does to the scripts in the background.  

As a workaround - I have had to rollback to 9.20 and reinstall the patch to fix another issue that was occuring in 9.20.