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Upgrade to TestComplete 14

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Upgrade to TestComplete 14

After a number of departures and redundancies I seem to be the person to upgrade TestComplete/TestExecute. We are currently running TC11 but need to upgrade to TC14.

Looking at the Sentinel Admin Control Center we have 18 Perpetual licences for TestExecute (TE11) and 7 Perpetual licences for TestComplete (TC11).

How do I proceed?

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Here's how to upgrade:


It needs to be done everywhere you have the client installed.


Very important things:

  • Do a backup of all TC directories before you upgrade.  If you have to restore, you don't want to lose anything.
  • TC projects are not backwards compatible.  Once you upgrade, the upgraded project won't run on an old version of TC.  Be aware of this as you move through the process.
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Thank you for the swift reply.

The problem I have is relates to upgrading the licence to version 14 and then individual PCs with TC and/or TE. Your link provided was useful and helped me find the licensing information I need.

We are fortunate that we have just started to migrate our large testpack from QTP to TestComplete and are trying out different options.

The current testpack consists of about 250 files of VBscript functions with test data held in a mixture of Excel, XML and Access files, developed over the last 10+ years.

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Well, I'd start with contacting sales.  If you don't have a current maintenance agreement with SmartBear, there's going to be a cost involved with upgrading from TC 11 to TC 14.

If you do have such an agreement, when you go to your portal, you will see download information for the installers for the executables as well as license key information for adding new keys to your License Manager.  You will need those new keys because, technically speaking, you can run TC 11 and TC 14 in parallel on the same machine.  So, you won't lose your TC 11 licenses but you will gain TC 14 licenses.


So... as mentioned, first stop, contact SmartBear sales.

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Thanks everyone for advice!


Hi @FlossyThePig , we recommend solving all questions connected with lisencing only through Sales and Support teams.

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I've passed on my requirements to our support section now. World events have put a hold on most things at the moment.

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