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7 years ago

TestComplete Freezes after lastes upgrade

There is an issue going on after latest update was applied.

tested on 2 different machines: one having windows 7 another 10.

The problem is after running a test when you try to go back to your test and edit it the mouse actions would not do anything.


For example:

1. Run a test

2. Click on "append to test" or "double click on any item in a test to edit it" etc 


then have to restart testcomplete for it to be able to be 'editable' again.


Please check

  • Solution - reset docking

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    Under Tools -> Current Project Properties -> Playback, there is an option to disable mouse.  do you have that checked?


    If so, try unchecking it.


    It's possible that this MIGHT not be getting set properly at the end of a test run.  I can't say for sure, but that's what it sounds like.  If unchecking that fixes your problem, I would report it directly to SmartBear at