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5 months ago

Latest TestComplete worth upgrading to ?

Is TestComplete worth upgrading to ???


I have been a user since 2009.  


I appreciate the new process from SmartBear with the ramped up releases of TestComplete\TestExecute

to keep up with the ever changing environment the tools has to work with and run against.


Third-party changes

Chromium changes

Browser changes

etc. ...

And the support ticket folks are doing their best to address the issues by severity and priority.
Thanks to those folks as well.


Also have to include the Dev folks too. 😊

What is starting to frustrate me though is the ability to do my job well with having to deal with

the instability of TC\TE over the last couple of months.

I am at a point now of do I upgrade or not because what was just addressed or fixed usually breaks

some other functionality with TestComplete that has been working correctly for a while.

Thus another support ticket. ☹️


I have multiple Hyper-Vs running TC\TE on versions 2-3 back from what is currently out because I am waiting

for a fix to an issue with TestComplete and the Edge browser.

We all pay a lot of money for the TestComplete testing tool.  
As this cost keeps going up the quality is going down.

I would like to see the quality come back into this tool along with price stability.
I would also like to see a more detailed version of the release notes on what has been addressed and bug fixes.


  • I wouldn't upgrade to the latest version, as there's issues.