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Unfortunately, combination TestComplete + iOS - NOT WorkinG! (Post of pain)

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Unfortunately, combination TestComplete + iOS - NOT WorkinG! (Post of pain)

OK, I prepared my ios app as required in documentation, developers have provided all sorts of certificates, etc. (but they do not understand why I need them)


Then, on Windows machine, I recompile ipa-file via TestComplete - that operation add ipa-file in testcomplete project as tested application, then I trying deploy and run via TestComplete that ipa-file on iPhone (use iPhone XS, ios 12.2 and TestComplete 14.1). In result I have error - in short - TestComplete cannot deploy app...bla-bla-bla...It is bad for me and my autotest


In result I take original ipa-file, copy to mac with macos 10.14 (majore), connect to that mac my iphone and deploy original ipa-file to iphone via xCode


Then I connect (again) that iPhone to Windows machine, and try (again) run ipa-file via tested application in TestComplete - ta-da...Application runs!


I have some questions for development/testers/managment team:
1. When you test support ios - what devices, ios versions and compbinations of this you have use?
2. Why you cannot create some agent for iOS device which can interaction with device and app all in all? Take example from Appium (appium free software)?

3. Maybe it's enough to lie that something there really works for you with something?



Really, combination TestComplete + iOS - NOT WorkinG!


Ok, what i made for solution that problem(real + work solution):
You need:
1. Windows machine with TestComplete, python 3.7.2 + appium python client, iis, mssql
2. Mac machine + Appium

In TestComplete write code for start python script (you should write it too) which wait some signal for execution some commands with appium from mssql (you should create db by yourself) via request to iis (script on iis you should write too) , and when the signal will come, python script execute command for interaction с appium which interactions with ios device


Smartbear, thanks for making my day even worse!

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Hi @NikitaPyatakov,


Sorry to hear that you faced such issues. In most cases, our customers set up the mobile testing fluently. Perhaps, you have some specific environment that caused this. 

Despite the fact that you found the solution, I suggest that you contact our Support Team and leave your feedback. The team will do their best to assist you and let the product team know about this case.

You can reach out to them here:


Thanks in advance.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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> Maybe it's enough to lie [...]

This is just great that you are so confident that from post #1 blame others in lie.

And it's a pity that all others here are so polite that for all years that TestComplete supports mobile testing no one posted here that TestComplete does not work with iOS...


> [...] in short - TestComplete cannot deploy app...bla-bla-bla...It is bad for me and my autotest

I believe that you report internal problems to your development the same way, aren't you?


> but they do not understand why I need them

Because you are going to recompile .ipa file and these certificates are required by Apple to meet their process.


> I take original ipa-file

Can you be more specific please with what 'original ipa-file' does mean? Are you talking about .ipa file prepared by Development as per ? If you are, than can't this .ipa file be added to TestComplete's Tested Applications as it is and be deployed from there?


> Windows machine with TestComplete, python 3.7.2 + appium python client, iis, mssql

This definitely will not work reliably without message queue been properly set up and configured.

DCOM application (yes, you will nedd to create it solely yourself) will work much better.

Even better approach is to get a position of Senior Manager and act as recommended here:


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