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Unable to close TestComplete, nor start a new Project/Suite


Unable to close TestComplete, nor start a new Project/Suite

I'm using TestComplete version 14.0.317.7 x64, on Windows 10
I left my workstation on overnight.  Came back, and Wanted to restart TestComplete, only to find I keep getting the error (see attachment) when I try to close the program.  This error also shows up when I try to start a new Project or Project Suite.  I suppose I can just have Windows kill the application, but I'd rather not do that.  It's pointing to a specific script, but as best as I can tell, nothing is actually running, so I'm confused why such an error message is even there.
Related was this thread here, but a solution was never posted...

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Why not kill the process in Task Manager if that will get you started again?  

I did state I'd rather not kill it, but it is indeed  workaround.  Still, I'd like to know if there's a way to resolve this none of the less.

Did it happen once or is it happening every time you leave the machine on overnight?

Only once.  I've been using TestComplete for awhile now, so it's definitely a rare occurrence

You can always try asking Support directly but it may be difficult for them to help you since you can't duplicate it.

Scratch that... it's happening again.  When trying to start a new Project, a new Project Suite, close the current suite, or TestComplete program itself.


EDIT: Since it comes and goes, I'll chime back if it does return with more frequency and better able to be reproduced.  For the time being, pending an update from SmartBear, workaround is to save all your work, then have Windows kill the software program.

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